Marmaris Turkish Bath

If you want to have a good and lasting bronzed skin, you can do this with Marmaris Turkish Bath Tour at the beginning of your holiday in Marmaris. If you do the opposite and go to Hamam at the end of your vacation, you may lose your suntan to some extent.

We offer our traditional Turkish baths to our local guests as well as foreign guests. At the beginning of your holiday you will relax with the Marmaris Turkish Bath Tour and you will start your holiday by relieving all the stress. Moreover, in the baths of our region the oil massage will also be included in the price.

Information about Marmaris Turkish Bath

Marmaris Turkish Bath tour lasts approximately two hours. Instead of a single type masseur, we have masseuses for ladies and masseurs for men. Half price is valid for our guests between 7 and 12 years old.

Even though Marmaris is a tourist resort, Turkish Bath is still an important tour for our domestic and foreign guests. The hamam, which attracts a lot of foreign guests especially, is also a popular tour among our local guests. Although some of the hotels in our area have their own baths, they are priced much higher than the prices on our site. Being cheap does not mean we are compromising on quality. In the facility we use for the tour all the bath staff do their best to serve you in a VIP style.

We will pick you up from your hotels with our vehicles and bring you to our hamam. When you arrive at the bath, one of our hamam guides will give you information about your program. After you have been informed about the program, you will change at your dressing rooms. We recommend that you have your swimwear with you. You can put your belongings in lockers in the dressing rooms. You will keep the key with you throughout the entire program. After that you will stay in the sauna for 5-10 minutes. Sauna will bloat your dead skin. After the sauna you will enter the hamam. There you will lie down on the central massage platform and relax.

After a while the hamam staff will come and rub your body with the special coarse bath-glove. You will get rid of your dead skin with the glove. At the same time, your body will breathe as the pores in your skin open. Next there will be a foam massage. Relax. Close your eyes and enjoy the massage. After the foam massage you will have a shower and our staff will wrap you with towels and you will head to the resting area and relax on your sunbed. In the meantime you can have something cold to drink in the hamam bar.

Warning about Turkish Baths

Those with asthma, pregnancy and possible pregnancy are not allowed to participate in this tour.

After resting, an oil massage in private rooms will be waiting for you. Relaxing music accompanied by relaxing oil massage for 15 minutes will relieve both your soul and your body from all the stress. Let’s make a reminder; there will be masseuses for our female guests and masseurs for our male guests. All of our massage staff have proficiency certificates in the field.

After the oil massage, we will take you back to your hotels.


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Location : Marmaris
Departure Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Departure Tİme : 12:00 // 13:00 // 14:00 // 15:00 // 16:00
Return Time : 14:00 // 15:00 // 16:00 // 17:00 // 18:00
Duration : 2 HOURS

Information about Turkish Baths

Clean towel, sauna, bath glove rubbing, hammam, foam massage, 15 minutes oil massage and hotel transfer are included in this tour. You must remember to take your swimming suit. Services that are not included in the package are extra and you may choose them in the hammam and add them to your program. Included foam and oil massages accelerate your blood circulation and purify your body from harmful toxins. So you feel a lot lighter.

Marmaris turkish bath

Why should you start your holiday with a Turkish bath?

In Marmaris where the hammam culture is still on, you should start your holiday with a bath tour. So why? The main reason is that if you get rid of your dead skin, you will have a better and lasting tan. You feel yourself lighter because you throw harmful toxins out of your body. As it will be good for your soul as well as your body you will have a happier holiday.

Marmaris turkish bath

Oil Massage

The bath program includes a 20-minute oil massage. With the oil massage, your body will be fully relaxed. If you want to extend the time of 20 minutes, you can say that to the hammam guide. The time will be extended for an extra charge.

Marmaris turkish bath

Hamam for Children

0-6 age group children are not charged. Children between the ages of 7-12 are 50% discounted. The hammam tour is an entertaining activity for children as well. Your children will enjoy the foam massage in the hammam at least as much as you.

Marmaris turkish bath


Price Includes:

Hotel Transfer - Sauna - Hamam - Scrub - Foam Massage - Oil Massage - English Information- towel - Soap

Price Excludes:

All drinks - All other treatments - Personel expenditures

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