Marmaris Jeep Safari

Guests who come to Marmaris want to participate in different activities to have a nice holiday. The Marmaris Jeep Safari tour is one of the tours that local and foreign guests want to attend, among the different and adrenaline-filled tour activities. Being surrounded by dense pine forests makes the activity much more enjoyable. As you travel through the dirt roads in lush forests you will be able to experience the immense nature of Marmaris and experience an unforgettable adrenaline experience. Thanks to the Marmaris Jeep Safari tour, you are sure to spend a wonderful day with your family and your loved ones.

Jeep Safari in Marmaris is a suitable tour for our guests of all ages. You will enjoy the nature of Marmaris with your family and your loved ones. In the morning of our lunch included tour we will pick you up with our off-road vehicles from the hotels and all the vehicles will meet at the meeting point. There our professional safari guides will tell you about the tour program.

Marmariste jeep safari       Marmaris jeep safari

Marmaris Jeep Safari Program

The Marmaris Jeep Safari program will begin in the morning when we pick you up from the hotels with our jeeps. After that all jeeps will meet at the gathering point to hear about the tour program. Our Safari guides will tell you the tour schedule and at the same time tell you the safety rules. After the information given in the morning, all the jeeps will start the tour in convoy. Due to security regulations, our guests are not allowed to drive. Marmaris Jeep Safari tour starts at around 9:30 am and ends at around 16:30 pm after lunch. During this time, there will be stopovers in places with spectacular natural beauties such as Kiz Kumu, Turgut village, Turgut waterfall.

Turgut Waterfall is a waterfall with magnificent beauty. Free time will be given at this fountain, which is surrounded by olibanum trees, an endemic species unique to Marmaris. You can relax in cool water if you want, or you can sit in the cafeteria.

The Kiz Kumu (meaning girl’s sand) is a separate miracle. It is a natural formation and because the sea current is in different structure, the sand in the sea is close to the water surface. You can walk from the shore to the middle of the sea because the sand is close to the surface of the water even there.

We will take a 45-minute break at a restaurant for lunch. Lunch is included in the tour fee.


Suggestion for Marmaris jeep safari:

Bring comfortable clothes with you. Keep in mind; the clothes you will wear will get wet and dusty. Have swimwear, towels, sunglasses, sun cream and your camera with you for a swim.


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Location : Marmaris
Departure Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Departure Tİme : 09:30
Return Time : 16:30
Duration : 7 HOUR

Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour and Entertainment

Local and foreign guests coming to Marmaris are trying to have a fun holiday with many activities both day and night. Marmaris helps them with its deep blue bays, many restaurants and bars in the marina, historic Marmaris Castle and Museum. If you want to see the nature of Marmaris, Marmaris Jeep Safari tour will help you. Making safari tours on the dirt roads between the lush pine forests will bring unforgettable moments to you.

Marmaris jeep safari

Turgut Village Waterfall

Located about 25 kilometers from Marmaris, the Turgut Village Waterfall has a magnificent natural beauty. It is surrounded by olibanum trees, an endemic species. You will get great pictures with your camera. If you want, you can swim in the water.

Marmaris jeep safari   Marmaris jeep safari

Kız kumu Beach

Kız Kumu Beach is a popular beach for domestic and foreign guests in the summer months. Because of the current in the sea, the sand in the bottom of the sea is close to the sea surface. If you like, you can walk as you walk on the water from the shore to the middle of the sea. A really different experience awaits you.

Marmaris jeep safari

Price Includes:

Marmaris Jeep Safari - Lunch - Hotel Transfer

Price Excludes:

Water Gun - All Drinks - DVD of the Trip - Photos of the Trip

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