Marmaris Boat Trip

Marmaris Boat Trip is the favorite tour for all domestic and foreign guests who come to Marmaris. It is the most beautiful way to see Marmaris from different angles, a lush paradise covered with red pines. You will be able to see with your own eyes how pleasant and magnificent it is to swim with the family and your loved ones, in the bays where the red pine trees meet the deep blue sea.

Marmaris Boat Trip Prices 2024

Marmaris boat trip prices vary according to the content of the boat tour. Alcohol is included in some boat tours, while alcohol is not included in some boat tours. However, all boat tours give a swimming break in 5 bays, have lunch and pick you up from your hotels by shuttles.

Marmaris Boat Trip Marmaris Boat Trip

Why Marmaris Boat Trip 

The best answer to the question of why marmaris boat trip is: Marmaris Boat Trip will help you a great deal to get rid of your stress accumulating all over the year. As you know, getting in touch with nature is the best known way to reduce stress on people. As you can see the lush nature of Marmaris while lying down on your sun bed, seeing the turquoise color of the bays will give you peace of mind. Being away of the traffic and stress of the big cities even for a short time and spending time with your family and your loved ones in such a paradise will comfort you. Do not forget to bring your camera. Even in the pictures you take, you can see the relief in your face.

All the coasts of Marmaris in the Aegean Region are magnificent. During the tour you will be able to see five or six of these magnificent coasts. Our boat captain will create the most beautiful route for you depending on weather conditions. You will only enjoy the beautiful tour with your loved ones and family, and have a souvenir photo filled with plenty of beautiful moments. Swimming in the deep blue water you will be proud of yourself as you have chosen Marmaris for your holiday.

Marmaris Boat Trip     Marmaris Boat Trip

Marmaris Boat Trip Program

Marmaris Boat Trip Program start to pick our guests up from their hotels and in ten to fifteen minutes we arrive to the marina where our boat is.

Our boat that waits at the marina departs at about 10:00 when our last guest arrives.

Marmaris Boat Tour stopover places:

* There will be a photo break at the place named as Heaven Island and fish farm.

 * A swimming break in the Aquarium bay.

* A photo break in front of the cave known as Phosphorous Cave, also known as Wish Cave.

* Amos bay – Kumlubük (A swimming break and lunch will be given on the boat)

* Turunç (You may swim on the beach in Turunç, a charming seaside town, or you may visit the bazaar if you wish.)

* Green Sea (It is named after the green color of the sea where there will be a swimming break.)

There will be a total of five or six swimming breaks during the Marmaris Boat Tour. Each will be an average of half an hour.

   There is no need to be sorry for the guests who would like to join the tour but do not know how to swim. They can enjoy the sea at these beautiful bays with lifejackets on the boat.

 Our boat will return to the marina at around 4 pm. Our shuttle service will take our guests back to their hotels.



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Location : Marmaris
Departure Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Departure Tİme : 10:00
Return Time : 16:30 - 17:00
Duration : 7 HOURS

For whom is the Marmaris Boat Tour?

Marmaris Boat Tour is for our guests of all ages, but it is especially a fun activity for children. Our elderly guests can spend time in the shadows on the lower floor of the boat. On our boat there are places to spend time for people of all ages of your family and loved ones.

Marmaris Boat Trip

Lunch Inluded to Price

Lunch will be included tı Marmaris Boat Trip price. Lunch gets the taste from BBQ. You will get  salad, pasta, chicken or meatballs. All kinds of drinks will be extra and you can get them from the bar on the boat.

Marmaris Boat Trip menü

Hotel transportation will also be included to price.

You don’t need to be thinking that how you can go to harbour by yourself after you bought Marmaris Boat Trip. We will provide you free transportation till harbour and till your hotel after excursion

.Transfer Private minibus


Price Includes:

Marmaris Boat Trip - Lunch - Free Hotel Transfer - Non alcoholic drinks - Beer - Wine

Price Excludes:

Personel Expenditures

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