Aqua Dream Water Park

Every tour in Marmaris is unique. Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park will make you enjoy some time with the magnificent view of Marmaris. Aqua Dream Water Park is the largest water park in Marmaris and the only water park with the most spectacular view. The Aqua Dream water park, which has a separate entertainment at each point, will provide you with a different experience on your vacation.

The biggest Aqua Park in Marmaris

We will pick you up from your hotels for the water park tour. When you come to Aqua Dream water park entrance gate and show your tour ticket. The staff will give you a magnetic card. No cash or credit card is used in the water park. At the entrance you will have to add funds to your magnetic cards for the expenses you will make inside. The point you should pay attention to is; if you add funds with cash, you can cash out the money on your card at checkout. But if you make a deposit with credit card you will not be able to get the money left on the magnetic card.

So if you are going to make a payment with credit card. Please add conservatively so that you do not have an amount left on your card.

It is forbidden to bring food and drink from the outside. You can meet all your needs from the restaurant inside. You can leave your valuables in your special safety deposit box at the entrance.

Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park          Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park

Aqua Dream Water Park

The water park, which has a wonderful view, opens in early May and closes in mid-October. It is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the afternoon. We will leave you to your hotels in the evening as we picked you up in the morning. In the water park there are 9 different kinds of water slides. A wave pool, a large children’s pool with a slide and a different design that your children will enjoy very much and a resting pool.

If you want to spend a fun time together with your family or loved ones all day long, the biggest water park with the most beautiful view of Marmaris will be the perfect choice for you.

Have fun in the water slides, or spend time with your child in a large children’s pool, or rest on your sunbeds on green grass. In every way, you will have a wonderful time together with all your family and loved ones.


Marmaris castle and museum

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Location : Marmaris
Departure Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Departure Tİme : 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00
Return Time : Till 17:30
Duration : Aqua Dream Water Park is open till 17:30 - 18:00

Biggest Waterpark

Aqua Dream Water Park is the largest water park in Marmaris and it has the most spectacular view. When you are on the water slides or eat at the restaurant, this magnificent view will make you smile.

 Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park

Aqua Dream Waterpark the Fun Address 

You will be entertained in a water park that knows how to entertain everyone of all ages. Families with children can watch their children on their sunbeds at the edge of a large children’s pool as they play in the pool. Adults can have fun in 9 different slides and a wave pool. If the sun gives trouble, they can spend time in the shade at the restaurant where there is plenty of Marmaris wind.

Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park

Do not think about transportation, let us do it for you.

Let us take care of the transportation to and from the Aqua Dream Water Park so that you can have such a beautiful day. In the morning we will pick you up from your hotels and take you back in the evening. You just focus on having fun.

Transfer Private minibus


Price Includes:

Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park entrence fee - Free Transportation - Pools and Slides - All Insurance

Price Excludes:

Food - Drinks - Personel Expenditures

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