Marmaris Castle And Museum

8 October 2017

   Marmaris Castle and Museum are among the places to be visited during the holiday. The first settlements of Marmaris were built around Marmaris Castle. In fact, the town has grown from around the castle towards Icmeler. Marmaris Museum is located in the castle.

Marmaris Castle

   The construction of the Marmaris Castle dates back to 1522. The Ottoman sultan of the time Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had it built as a base during the Rhodes Expeditions. The name of Marmaris is said to have come from an event occurred during the construction of the castle. Suleiman the Magnificent does not like the castle built as a base during the Rhodes Expeditions and thinks it is small. He tells the castle’s architect that he will go to lay siege to Rhodes and orders him to make the castle larger and bigger until he returns.

Hang the architect

   Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who returns to the castle.  After the expedition of Rhodes is very angry when he sees the castle unchanged and the given order is not fulfilled. So he orders the soldiers to hang the architect.  The architect means “mimar” and hang means “as” in Turkish. So the name of the town was Mimaras and in time it has changed as Marmaris.

   According to some sources, it is said that there was another castle before the present Marmaris Castle, that people lived there and there were 600 great warriors of the city. They successfully defended the city against whoever came to war. Even Alexander the Great is said to have failed in taking Marmaris, even though he sent the army a few times, all the armies were defeated by 600 soldiers. Finally, Alexander the Great combines all of his armies in the region and comes to Marmaris with a large army.

   When 600 soldiers see so many soldiers, they see that things are very difficult this time. They put the women, the children and the elderly in the castle and burn them alive in order not to surrender them to Alexander the Great. They themselves break through this great army and go to the depths of the forest. Alexander the Great takes Marmaris, but there are no live cats or dogs even on the streets.

 Marmaris Castle and Museum 

    The castle and museum are open from 09:00 to 18:00. The entrance fee is 8 TL per day; it is open every day of the week. What you need to be aware of in the museum is that you should not be using the flash when taking photos in some galleries.

Marmaris castle and museum


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